Do I need to wear enclosed shoes to avoid stubbing my toes as I walk round?

The caves are very visitor friendly with walkways through the caverns and you are unlikely to end up stubbing your toes. Sandals are fine, but flip-flops are neither permitted nor recommended.

Is it wet and slippery?

The walkways do get some water on them but provided you are sensible, i.e. no running etc, then you will be fine.

Is it cold inside the caves? Do I need a sweater or a coat?

It is certainly cooler inside the caves and, in the summer, quite a temperature change when you enter. Many find it quite a pleasant change from the, possibly, 40 degree outside temperature. A coat or a sleeve is not essential unless you suffer from the cold or have circulation problems, in which case take a light jacket.

We desperately want to visit the caves but we have a young baby and are worried we won’t be able to.

Taking a young baby into the caves is not a problem, the caves are very visitor friendly, but there are a few points to consider.

Pushchairs and prams are not permitted, for obvious reasons, and you will have to carry the baby. This should not be a problem as there are plenty of places to stop en route and, if there are two or more of you, you can always take it in turns to carry the baby.

Although not exactly cold inside the caves, it is a lot cooler than the often searing heat outside, so to prevent any possible problems due to dramatic temperature change, wrapping the baby in something warm would be advisable.

All things considered, and adopting a common sense approach, taking a baby with you on a trip round the caves is perfectly okay.  Babies in the caves are not an uncommon sight.

There are people near the entrance to the caves taking photos. Are we obliged to buy them?

No. The photographers are just trying to make a living. The photos are on display in the photo shop near the restaurant and you can buy them or not, the choice is yours. You can also say ‘no’ to being photographed and no offence will be taken.